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Band-Aid Solutions for Stress Relief vs What Really Works

Have you ever tried taking a break to recharge from stress, only to find yourself in the same situation as you’re back in to routine? If so, you’re not alone. Many people believe that a holiday or a change of routine will solve their stress-related issues, but unfortunately, these solutions are often only temporary. They’re what we call “band-aid tape solutions” — they may temporarily patch up the issue, but the underlying problem remains.

If you’re struggling with stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion, it’s essential to address the root cause. Changing your lifestyle, taking some rest, eating better, and sleeping better are commonly suggested solutions, but they may not always be enough. These solutions also require a significant time and effort investment, and the returns may not always meet your expectations.

As someone who has been through the cycle of repetitive burnouts, I can attest that fixing the problem requires more than just surface-level solutions. Even after changing careers and habits I ended up with a burnout. To kick it for good, it requires deep inner work, a process of “restoring the core structure” of your life. This means going beyond the band-aid solutions and addressing the root cause of your stress. That will often include unpacking subconsious patterns and will look different for every person, therefore a personalised approach is crucial here.

Some possible culprits may be: -Validation seeking, people pleasing tendencies that prevent the person to draw and maintain healthy boundaries. -Perfectionist, high-achiever, workaholic tendencies. Might be caused by above or something entirely different and the person ends up doing more than is healthy and sustainable. -Lack of self-awareness. One example is high sensitivity: 20–30% of the population are highly sensitive, however, very few of them now that, therefore cannot design the lifestyle that is compatible with their needs. -Limiting beliefs. If you believe that you need to work hard to make money, you will create a realify where you need to burnout to live comfortably. This is just one example, there are so many limiting beliefs like that. -Lack of stress resistance. You can train yourself to be stress resistant but it can be hard to do, you might be in a vicous cycle. Kind of like you can’t workout when you’re sick but if you haven’t been working out, you’ll get sick easier. So if you’re in a stress cycle you can’t become resistant easily but there are ways to workaround here.

Combining my personal experience with a background in psychology and yoga, I have developed a unique system that beats and prevents burnout by using a combination of science-proven and mindfulness tools. It’s a holistic approach that addresses the root cause of stress and helps individuals build a foundation for a more sustainable, joyful, and peaceful life.

If you’d like to learn more about how stress might be affecting you and what you can do to prevent it from getting worse and take control of your life, I offer free discovery sessions for people who qualify. If that interests you and you’d like to get clarity on what you should be doing to manage stress, apply here to see if you qualify.

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