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My Burnout Story

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

I had to go through multiple burnouts to learn that reducing the workload and doing self-care is not enough features.

I worked hard, because I enjoyed my job, was always a high achiever, and all I knew is you need to work hard to make money (a #lilmitingbelief I will talk about in a different post). And I volunteered, because it gave my life purpose. And I meditated, exercised, slept and ate well, cause #selfcare. And it did help, but didn’t make up for the immense load I was carrying, I started losing motivation, and I burnt ou.

I took a break, gave up volunteering, and changed careers. Only to end up burnt out again. Feeling disconnected, physically and mentally exhausted again. Then I really had to stop and think why this keeps on happening. Because it did not help to:

🌪Become a life hacking and time management pro – it only perpetuated the idea that I had to do bigger, better, faster, more, and take up more load

🌪Have baths, me time, and retreats (are you also rolling your eyes?)

🌪Find joy in little moments (too busy with time hacking!)

🌪Whatever else the self-help world was telling me

It is not the workload, the tasks, the volunteering, the busy London life, the noise, and the many demands of modern life. These are just circumstances, I can change them but if I don’t find the root cause, the situation is going to repeat itself forever.🌀

To find the root cause, I had to go deep within myself. Unpack my subconscious, re-invent myself, go deep into mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-discovery way beyond the surface level. It is not quick or easy, and in some ways, it is a never ending process. But I found joy again. And if I can, so can you

I can now jump on big exciting projects without fear of burnout and enjoy my life to the fullest. What I learnt is that all the tornados in your life that feel like destruction is an opportunity to build back a better, more inspiring life.☀️

So if you’re going through it now, or concerned that the tornado might be approaching, I am here and happy to help you through it. I offer free discovery discovery sessions where you can gain a better understanding what you can do to manage stress and get better. Apply here.

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