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Is Learning Good, Really? 2 Reasons Not to Learn

Learning can be great. We are in the age of life-long learning. But it is important to understand the real reasons and motivations behind our decisions to make sure it brings the desired result.

Reason One

Do you like to enrol in various courses and trainings? Are you telling yourself that you like learning?

Or could it be a validation seeking way to band-aid not enoughness and boost self-worth while hiding behind the high achiever and perfectionist tendencies?

I find it is often the latter, especially if you are a highly sensitive or neurodivergent woman. You might be really over qualified and very knowledgeable, and still you feel that something is missing so you go get another certificate to boost your self-esteem.

Except it won’t do that job. No certificate, qualification, or diploma will fill a hole of low self-esteem, self-worth, and not-enoughness.

But for a lot of people, learning is more comfortable than putting yourself out there, and taking what feels like a risk and just going for it.

Reason Two

Some people take up learning to change careers in hopes to create a better future for themselves. It can actually help you achieve that if you do the ground work to understand why the current career doesn’t work and how a different career would work better.

However, it can be that the current career doesn’t work for you cause you haven’t analysed your exact needs, aren’t good at maintaining boundaries, take up too much work, and don’t have good stress management habits. If that is the case, you will end up with the same issues in a new career, and all the hard work, time, and effort that needs to go into a career change will go to vain.

I have always been very curious and loved learning, enrolled in many courses, but looking back it is obvious that “I’m not good enough but if I get this certificate then I will be” was driving many of my decisions.

So before I enrolled in a breathwork instructor training recently I had to pause and think:

-Can I feel enough without doing it?

-Do I feel like I need this? Or do actually want it?

And before you change careers I would recommend you to pause and think what is making you miserable in the current one, and how you could make adjustments here and now to make it more manageable. Don’t know how? I’d be glad to draft some strategies in a free call.

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