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The Morning Routine for Those Who Are Sick of Them

You don’t need 17 step morning routine with acai infused water, 3 types of journaling, or whatever else the internet is telling you.

The only thing you need to do is whatever you want to do. Really. Give yourself permission to throw all the expectations from society and yourself out of the window.

To the tune of Frozen’s let it go.

My routine

I could end the post here, but some of you might be expecting something more substantial. So here is my routine, that I do most days, and don’t feel guilty when I don’t. I tried all sorts of routines in my 18 years of mindfulness practices and I found one that has the best time investment vs results ratio.

So I won’t talk about eating, bathroom, getting dressed, we (probably?) do these anyway.

I recommend just three simple steps to set yourself up for an enjoyable day. Yes, enjoyable, and you define what’s enjoyable for you — being efficient at work, taking things slow, making time for the dear ones, etc. I like to do three steps to take care of my mind, body, and soul. You can make them as short as 2 mins, and you don’t have to do all 3 every day! Once you get in a habit and feel the benefits you can decide which steps are the most needed on a particular day.

  1. Move your body. Whichever way you like. Maybe a walk, maybe a stretch, maybe a run or a yoga class. Could be just a 5 min stretch or a 30 min run, but moving your body in the morning has been proven to boost your energy throughout the day, improve focus and cognition, put you in a better mood, and improve your sleep.

  2. Connect to your soul and have a moment of calm. Meditation or breathwork are great for this, as they help to keep calm and maintain focus throughout the day. Some people say it doesn’t work for them, however, in my experience, they usually just need a bit of help and guidance to pick the right tool and apply it correctly (message me for some tips!).

  3. Focus your mind. Reflect on the day to come and set the priorities — what are the most important tasks today? You can set intentions for the day (e.g. I will keep calm during that stressful meeting), make plans to self-care and rest throughout the day. Some people like to do this the day before. There is a big difference between trying to surf through all the responsibilities and being intentional about your actions. I am sure you can guess which one brings better results and is less stressful. Those few minutes make a big difference.

Here it is. What’s your routine?

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