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Three Keys to Preventing burnout

You might be on a verge of burnout, or recovering from one and wonder how to prevent burning out. I have recovered from a cycle of recurring burnouts and will share my experience.

A burnout treatment and recovery is a long and complex process but aside from some obvious steps like reducing the load, rest, sleep, etc there are three key steps that are crucial to prevent it from recurring:

1. Know yourself

Cliché, I know, but getting really honest and precise on what tires you and fills you with energy is going to help you pave recovery and rebuilt a more sustainable lifestyle. You might have a vague idea like work is tiring and walk is restful but you should get more precise here, e.g. "office environment very distracting and I get tired much quicker if I have to work in a noisy environment" or "I can focus better if I work from home, this also leaves me with more energy to do what I like in the evening". Activities like energy accounting and daily journaling can help with this.

Another way to get to know your needs is exploring your sensory profile. A lot of people are sensitive to either noise, smell, or textiles, meaning that they get more tired if they are continuously exposed to those sensations.

2. Work with subconscious and limiting beliefs

If you believe that you need to work hard to have money, you’ll create the reality that reflects that. If you work on changing this belief, your reality will change accordingly.

Another common example can be that saying "no" and havig boundaries makes you a diffcult person and creates conflict. If you believe that then it will be difficult to look after your health and create a life you want. These are just some examples, we all have many beliefs that shape our reality in a similar way and drive us towards high achiever and perfectionist tendencies.

3. Get some help

The two above can be tricky to achieve on your own – our mind is a smart slippery thing that likes to try and get away without completing the required work, so it is crucial to work with someone who can hold you accountable here, be it a friend, a coach, an accountability partner, or a councillor.

In summary, burnout prevention is more than rest and less work. Burnout recovery can be a long and complex process, but with these key steps, you can prevent it from recurring and live a more fulfilling life.

If you'd like to learn more about how stress might be affecting you and what you can do to prevent it from getting worse and take control of your life, I offer free discovery sessions for people who qualify. If that interests you and you'd like to get clarity on what you should be doing to manage stress, apply here to see if you qualify.

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