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Burnout Coach

For the highly sensitive and neurodivergent* women


*(Autistic, ADHD, PTSD, Anxious and others -

doesn't have to be formally diagnosed)

I have broken a seemingly never-ending burnout cycle as a late diagnosed neurodivergent woman. Now helping others do the same.

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The blend of my background in psychology, 19 years of mindfulness practices, and own lived neurodivergent burnout experience is the reason so many of my clients have:

  • Found more ease, calm, and energy without quitting their job and while managing coexisting chronic illnesses

  • Broke the burnout cycle as a late diagnosed ADHD and didn't have to go back to antidepressants

  • Changed jobs within 2 months and created their dream career life

  • Finally found relief from anxiety and ended people-pleasing despite previously having tried every healing modality and therapy as an anxious autistic woman

So if you’re fed up with burnout, want to have more energy and focus


And Elevate Your Self-Care, Honor Your Priorities, Find Calm, and Cultivate Joy

You’re in the right place

Explore my offerings

Perhaps, like many highly sensitive and neurodivergent people, you have been let down by the system, stuck in a burnout cycle, feeling like close to nothing is helping?


This is because the mental health and wellness industry has been treating neurodivergent people as disordered neurotypicals, trying to make them be more neurotypical-like, applying solutions that have been made by neurotypicals, for neurotypicals.

The industry is just waking up to the fact that neurodivergent people are not broken neurotypicals and need different solutions, however the neurodivergent wellness industry is at a very early stage with very little to offer.


Endorsed by an Oxford educated Adult Autism Psychiatrist

I am one of the very few neurodivergent burnout experts with the mission to promote neurodivergent wellness everywhere, for everyone.

I specialise in guiding highly sensitive and neurodivergent women overwhelmed by burnout, empowering them to reclaim their lives and find lasting relief from exhaustion and overwhelm.

My unique approach focuses on revitalising their well-being while nurturing their personal and professional growth, enabling them to break free from the cycle of burnout and rediscover joy and fulfilment.

My clients are high achieving perfectionists who have found themselves trapped in the relentless cycle of burnout, yearning for relief and healing. Through our work together, they discover newfound clarity, calm, and inner strength, allowing them to navigate life's challenges with confidence and grace.

Sounds familiar? 


"Before I met Paula, I was always tired, felt like a mistake, I was always rushing and running. Now I feel like I have the potential to achieve what I want, I know that everything is ok with me, and I feel lightness, ease, and self-acceptance"

Vivian, London

"Paula through her empathy, spirituality, and her unique way of seeing the world guided me on this new path of live my emotions in a healthy and constructive way for my personal and spiritual growth. All this process led me to start a new chapter in my life, seeing the world from a more aware perspective of myself and what surrounds me."

Luider, Colombia

"Since the coaching with you, I feel much more relaxed and those fears have hardly surfaced at all. I feel lighter, like a huge weight has fallen off my shoulders. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will certainly come back to you and will be very happy to recommend you."

Sarah, Germany

Introducing my neurodivergent wellness strategy


My unique formula for neurodivergent burnout not only supports your healing but also helps attain the growth and goals you've always envisioned. My three sixty approach tackles everything from mindset and neuro affirming mindfulness tools to the practical aspects of thriving as a late discovered neurodivergent woman.

My powerful coaching programmes are built upon the core layers of neurodivergent wellness which transform potential into tangible results and lead to lasting change.

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