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Flourish Formula

Burnout recovery program for the highly sensitive and neurodivergent* women

*Autistic, ADHD, PTSD, and others - no formal diagnosis necessary

A Tailored Path to Renewed Energy and Balance

Ignite Your Energy, Focus, and Potential.

Elevate Your Self-Care and Honor Your Priorities.

Find Inner Peace, Embrace Calm, and Cultivate Joy.

If you have been feeling...


like you have no energy and no time to get everything done, having too much on your plate. 


​stuck, lost, and confused, perhaps with a heaviness inside, low mood, signs of depression/anxiety


alive but not living - no motivation or desire to do anything, can’t enjoy anything even if have a bit of time

You need a wellness strategy that works with your brain and delivers lasting change


Endorsed by top autism and neurodivergence experts

  • You can have energy to live a full life, be it career, family, hobbies, or anything else

  • You can have more joy, flow, and peace in life despite the circumstances

  • You can face your day with confidence, clarity, and focus

You have great talents and strengths to share with the world. You just need to stop experimenting with your health and use a proven strategy so you can break the burnout cycle for good.


"With your guidance and support, I turned more to my inner world, I feel myself better and hear the voice of my heart. You gave me all the tools which brought me more stability, clarity and peace into my life. 

Now it feels easy to move towards my goals, many answers have come, I can experience self-love and self-acceptance. I can manage stress much better and keep calm through stressful situations."

Pink Petals

Perhaps, like many neurodivergent people, you have been let down by the system, stuck in a burnout cycle, feeling like close to nothing is helping?


This is because the mental health and wellness industry has been treating neurodivergent people and conditions as disordered neurotypicals, trying to make them be more neurotypical-like, applying solutions that have been made by neurotypicals, for neurotypicals.


The industry is just waking up to the fact that neurodivergent people are not broken neurotypicals and need different solutions, however the neurodivergent wellness industry is at a very early stage with very little to offer.

Using my

  • background in psychology 

  • 19 years in mindfulness practices

  • special interest in mental health and neurodivergent wellness

  • lived experience as a late diagnosed neurodivergent woman having gone through endless burnout cycles


I have developed a proven system specifically aimed at neurodivergent burnout that not only overcomes it, but creates a long lasting wellness for neurodivergent women.


I reached a state where I was unhappy and angry, easily irritated, and constantly exhausted - a clear burnout.

Sessions with Paula helped me to structure my thoughts better and identify coping tools suitable for me personally.

I rate her knowledge and expertise in the area very highly. Paula is so calm and caring, I felt very safe talking to her. She gave me some much-needed clarity and peace of mind

Pink Petals


Experience: 19 years of expertise

Credentials: A background in psychology, yoga, and mindfulness

Empathy: An understanding mentor with lived experience


I've battled recurrent burnouts most of my life as a late diagnosed neurodivergent woman. Despite changing careers, embracing meditation, and trying therapy, I found myself at the same place. These steps are valuable, but they couldn't provide the full solution.


It took me 5 years experimenting with mindfulness tools, alternative practices, deep dive researching psychology and neuroscience until I was able to find and develop an air-tight strategy for neurodivergent wellness.


This simple step system conquers burnout through a blend of science-backed methods and mindfulness tools tailored to your specific situation.


And today, I stand as a testament to recovery and transformation. 

I'm here to help you find a quicker and smoother path to recovery.

The blend of my background in psychology, 19 years of mindfulness practices, and own lived neurodivergent burnout experience is the reason so many of my clients have:

  • Found more ease, calm, and energy without quitting their job and while managing coexisting chronic illnesses

  • Broke the burnout cycle as a late diagnosed ADHD and didn't have to go back to antidepressants

  • Changed jobs within 2 months and created their dream career life

  • Finally found relief from anxiety and ended people-pleasing despite previously having tried every healing modality and therapy as an anxious autistic woman


My unique formula for neurodivergent burnout not only supports your healing but also helps attain the growth and goals you've always envisioned. My three sixty approach tackles everything from mindset and neuro affirming mindfulness tools to the practical aspects of thriving as a late discovered neurodivergent woman.

My powerful coaching programmes are built upon the core layers of neurodivergent wellness which transform potential into tangible results and lead to lasting change.



  • Neurotype - it is not enough to know (or suspect) that you are highly sensitive or autistic, so I will help you get really specific on how your neurotype is expressed and how it affects you.

  • Nervous system regulation - the constant state of stress drains a lot of energy, casues burnout, and health issues. You will learn to regulate your nervous system and stay calm despite the circumstances, so that the inevitable stressors are not affecting your health and productivity.

  • Energy cycles - you will get an understanding of the invisible energy drains and how to manage them as well as how to source and maintain energy in a sustainable way.

  • Emotional regulation - whether you tend to have strong emotions or can't seem to feel/recognise emotions at all, both cases can cause issues in the long term, so you will learn how to manage it.

  • Mindset and approach - crucial part of healing that needs to be maintained throughout the process. You will experience shifts that will instantly put you on a different path towards your wellness.

  • Limiting beliefs, fears are often subconscious and blocking your recovery, so you will learn a few simple ways to uncover and dissolve them.

  • Lack of confidence can lead to people-pleasing and loose boundaries which also drain energy and need to be addressed. You will learn easy ways to grow your long-term confidence in a healthy, sustainable way.

  • Female socialisation - women have been conditioned to be comfortable and convenient, to please others first which is a fast track to burnout, so you will examine where this comes up and unlearn it.


  • Hormones and female menstrual cycle affect productivity every week. You will acquire skills and wisdom to harness the hormones and fluctuating productivity for maximum efficiency, health, balance and flow.

  • Sleep and nutrition

  • Navigating personal and professional relationships is not an easy feast when you're burnt out but you will be equipped with all the skills to live your values and honour boundaries in an authentic way.

And more!


It is a 6 month deeply healing experience that includes:

  • 8 ​Video Modules

  • 4 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

  • On-Demand Chat Support

  • Practical Worksheets and oher resources

  • 3 extra months of Tiimo membership (Tiimo is a productivity app for busy minds)

BONUS - available till 29 May

  • Calm in Chaos masterclass designed to reduce the impact of stress on your health (currently $169)

  • A hefty 30% OFF full price - saving hundreds of $$$

  • 2 extra 1-on-1 coaching sessions (valued $260)

Burnout recovery doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle

When you have a solid system and the right support, 


It can feel like coming back to yourself in a most loving, nourishing, gentle way. 


Like discovering the first blooms in early spring, or having a drink after a strenuous workout session.


You deserve the most beautiful care and kindness


And that is a key component to the recovery


Get started on it today

Pink Petals

Join us on a journey of recovery and transformation.

Imagine a life where you have the energy to socialize, focus on your career, enjoy your hobbies, and provide more quality time for your family. Picture yourself fully engaged in your life, free from the shackles of burnout, enjoying every moment, and feeling like yourself again.

You're closer than you think to a burnout-free life.

Still unsure? Book a free call with Paula and find out if this program is for you:

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